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David Barnouw

WW2 Specialist • Lecturer and Writer

Until 214 David Barnouw has been researcher and spokesperson at NIOD, the Dutch Institute for War-, Holocaust- and Genocide Studies. He is active as a writer and lecturer and one of the two editors of The Diaries of Anne Frank, the Critical Edition. He is a world renowned specialist on Anne Frank and has published books and articles about her.

Some of his books

DB NL Bezetting notendop-row

The German Occupation
in a Nutshell

Everything about the German Occupation of the Netherlands (1940-1945): from the Atlantic Wall bunkers along the coast, the February Strike, the Railway Strike until the Winter of Hunger. In this book you will find the most important events before, during and after the German Occupation of the Netherland and the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia.

DB AF EN Fenomeen

The Phenomenon
of Anne Frank

For the first time this book explores all the events around Anne Frank. Her famous Diary was published in Dutch in 1947 and at that moment she was an unknown girl who had died in Bergen-Belsen at the age of 15. Nowadays Anne Frank and the Holocaust are indissolubly intertwined.

DB NL nederlandse spoorwegen

The Dutch Railways during WW2

The Dutch Railways went on strike in September 1944 on the eve of Operation Market Garden. Before that time the Railways had been collaborating completely with the German occupier, including the transport of more than 100.000 Jews on their way to Auschwitz and other camps.


Since 1986 David Barnouw has delivered more than 280 lectures, partly at scholarly conferences, but mostly for a general audience. He lectured in the Netherlands and Belgium (Brussels), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Kiel, Oldenburg and Stendal), but mostly in the USA. He lectured at universities like Berkeley, Brandeis, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Loyola University, Princeton, Rutgers, Tulane, UCLA, US Military Academy West Point, UVM and Williams College. More

He lectured also at dozens of High Schools, during Anne Frank Exhibitions
and in Holocaust museums in Dallas and Houston
and at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.
Most of the lectures centered on Anne Frank, her life in hiding, her published diary and her post-war influence.
Other subjects were:
Collaboration, Film & Propaganda, Resistance, Holocaust and Holocaust-Deniers, Myth & Reality of the Occupation, the Winter of Hunger, Forced Labor and Remembrance & Commemoration.

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Book reviews and articles in newspapers

Since 1986, David Barnouw has reviewed over 350 Dutch, English and German WW2 books and has written numerous polemic and non-polemic articles in papers, newspapers and magazines, concerning WW2 related subjects.


David Barnouw


Telephone: +31654276135